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Fabrication and Machining

Hassell Engineering workshops are capable of carrying out a large range of fabrication jobs, from major contracts to minor work for small businesses.

The main workshop is made up of 2 main bays, with a separated shop for shot blasting. The work areas have good access and all are supported by gantry cranes. The following machinery is available in our workshops:


Door sizes 5.5Mtr x 5.6Mtr  
Bay 1 64Mtr x 18 Mtr 10T lifting capacity
Bay 2 64Mtr x 18 Mtr 15T lifting capacity
Bay 3 shot blast 32Mtr x 9Mtr 5T lifting capacity

Our workshops are supported by our fully-equipped tool and equipment store.

Process Equipment Manufacture

Hassell Engineering have significant site fabrication experience including process equipment and precision structural fabrications.


We have full in-house machining capabilities. The following precision machinery is available in our workshop:

Tonnage                220 t